Roman Castro


Roman Castro is a spearo in Southern California. He is the founder of a network of spearfishing web resources that give new divers not just tips and techniques but the insights, history, philosophy, and ethical context, to apply these techniques in a responsible way. He is driven to help new divers become positive spearfishing ambassadors

He is also the creator and host of the The Spear, the spearfishing podcast where spearos share stories, insights, and tips to help other spearos on their spearfishing journeys.

He has been using the Shark Shield FREEDOM7 since 2011 after a shark attack on a dive buddy jarred his confidence in the water and his wife’s peace of mind.

Looking down and seeing that green LED did wonders for my breath hold after the shark encounter. The Shark Shield FREEDOM7 allowed me to relax and enjoy my dives again.

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