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FREEDOM+ Surf Tail Pad / Antenna – Mini

For surfboards under 6’6″. New design and colour.

When used on shorter boards (boards <5’10”) and boards with less volume, the electrical field produced by the regular FREEDOM+ Surf Antenna can ‘travel’ around the board making it uncomfortable for some surfers – e.g. you might feel the electrical field on your fingers whilst duck-diving.

To overcome this, we’ve designed this ‘Mini’ version of the FREEDOM+ Surf Tail Pad / Antenna that features a shorter Antenna and smaller Electrodes.

The shorter antenna and smaller electrodes in the FREEDOM+ Surf Tail Pad / Antenna – Mini, produce a smaller electrical field than the regular FREEDOM+ Surf Tail Pad / Antenna, which means you’re much less likely to feel it when using the product on a shorter board, or board with less volume.

On the flip-side, a smaller electrical field does mean that a shark can come closer (compared to the regular FREEDOM+ Surf Tail Pad / Antenna) before sensing the electrical field and being deterred.

Click on the product images to see the difference between the size of the electrical field generated by the both products.

NOTE: The same FREEDOM+ Surf Power Module can be used on both the regular regular Tail Pad / Antenna and the Mini version. There is no new Power Module for the Tail Pad / Antenna – Mini.


  • The world’s only scientifically proven and independently tested electrical shark deterrent technology
  • Does NOT attract sharks
  • No impact on surfing performance
  • Features a new smaller antenna (in black) and electrodes designed specifically for use on any surfboard board under 6’6″ to reduce the effects of the electrical field coming around the rail of the boards and affecting fingers when duck-diving short boards.
  • The smaller electrical field generated by this product does not offer as much protection as the larger electrical field generated by the regular FREEDOM+ Surf. Refer to electrical field diagram in product photos for details.
  • Sticker-thin (≤ 500 microns) adhesive decal antenna adheres to the underside of your board and connects to the Tail Pad.
  • Offers flexibility to transfer the FREEDOM+ Surf Power Module between boards – means you won’t be limited to having just one board set up the FREEDOM+ Surf system.
  • FREEDOM+ Surf Transferable Power Module is housed in the tail pad kicker, custom designed by Ocean & Earth in conjunction with Tom Carroll
  • Uses the same Transferable Power Module as the regular FREEDOM+ Surf.
  • Weight (Tail Pad & Antenna) 282 grams (9.9 oz). 45 grams (1.6oz) less than the regular FREEDOM+ Surf Tail pad / Antenna
  • A foam insert (included) can be used in the tail pad kicker for those surfs when you don’t want to use the Power Module
  • Not suitable for children under 14
  • Covered by Ocean Guardian's Standard Warranty

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