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Shark Shield is the worlds only proven shark deterrent solution. In the early 1990’s scientists from the Natal Sharks Board of South Africa discovered a unique electronic wave-form that deterred sharks. The Natal Shark Board is considered one of the world’s leading research organizations on predator sharks. After many years of research, this technology was developed and incorporated into a product known at the time as the Shark POD.

Predatory sharks have small gel filled sacs knows as ‘Ampullae of Lorenzini’ on their snouts. They use these short range sensors when feeding or searching for food at close range. The Shark POD creates a three-dimensional electrical wave form which creates a very unpleasant sensation impacting the shark’s ‘Ampullae of Lorenzini’.

When the shark comes into proximity of the electrical wave form (around 3-4 meters in diameter) it experiences non-damaging but uncontrollable muscular spasms causing it to flee the area

The Shark POD proved to be very successful at deterring sharks, however like many new technology innovations it was bulky, heavy and expensive. After a number of years of innovative research, including the filing of numerous patents, the first Shark Shield product range was launched for divers in April 2002.

Over the years we have continued to innovate and expand the Shark Shield product range and we now have products to suit most ocean users including surfing, long boarding, snorkeling, scuba diving, free diving, ocean swimming, kayaking, boating and fishing. Like most innovative technology company’s we have many more new products under development, including large arrays to protect aquaculture farms and beaches barrier solutions.

Please read more on our website about how the technology works and also visit the gallery to view video footage of the Shark Shield technology deterring sharks.

At Shark Shield we are focused on the environmental welfare of the ocean and its inhabitants. We believe that Shark Shield will reduce the slaughter of sharks directly by ultimately replacing shark nets, and indirectly by protecting all types of ocean users. Shark Shield devices have no long term effect on sharks or indeed any other creature.

Shark Shield is increasing the levels of participation in water sports and we help make peoples working environment much safer – we provide peace of mind for individuals, families and employees so everyone can enjoy the world’s oceans.

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