• Charger / Tester Carry Case Main Image

    Storage solution for your Ocean Guardian Dive Series Charger or Tester.

    Made from tough moulded plastic, this custom designed micro case will ensure your Dive Series Charger or Tester can withstand the harshest conditions, whether it's in the bottom of your scuba box or in the trunk of your car. Look after your FREEDOM7 or SCUBA7 so it can look after you!
  • Replacement or spare international charger for the FREEDOM7 and SCUBA7. The FREEDOM7 and SCUBA7 both come with a charger included but having a back-up is always handy!
  • Purpose built and easy to use, the Ocean Guardian Dive Series Tester can be used as part of an annual maintenance check or to ensure that your FREEDOM7 or SCUBA7  are working perfectly at all times. Powered by Shark Shield Technology. Nothing is more effective.
  • Extend the warranty period on your Ocean Guardian product to 3 years, with no hidden costs. When you purchase the Ocean Guardian Extended 3-Year Warranty for your FREEDOM+ Surf, FREEDOM7 or SCUBA7, you get even more peace of mind to enjoy your investment and your favourite pastimes. The Extended 3-Year Warranty provides the same level of cover as Ocean Guardian’s Standard Warranty for a maximum of 3 years, including the Standard Warranty Period. The Extended 3-Year Warranty is only available on the FREEDOM+ Surf, FREEDOM7, and SCUAB7.
  • Ocean Guardian FREEDOM7


    Provides powerful protection when diving, spearfishing, freediving, and kayak fishing. WA Government Rebate available*
    Powered by Shark Shield Technology, the Ocean Guardian FREEDOM7 gives you up to 6-hours protection from all predatory sharks – including Great Whites. Lightweight and designed to fit seamlessly with your existing gear, it offers powerful protection and peace of mind – so you can get out there and explore the ocean wilderness. Plus, if you live in Western Australia, you can take advantage of the $200 Government Shark Deterrent Rebate*. The FREEDOM7 also comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. *Conditions apply. Click here for more info.
  • FREEDOM7 Replacement Pouch
    Easy to install replacement Neoprene pouch for the FREEDOM7. If your Ocean Guardian FREEDOM7 pouch gets damaged, or over time the Velcro becomes less effective, don’t risk losing your unit. Stay safe and replace your pouch. It’s very simple to change over: simply undo the screw attaching the antenna to the old pouch, slide it out and re-attach the new one. Then get back in the water to do what you love most!
  • Hard Carry Case

    Keep your FREEDOM7 or SCUBA7 protected in the best way possible with the purpose-built Ocean Guardian Hard Carry Case. It's roomy enough to hold your Ocean Guardian equipment, a spare battery and even your cell phone.

  • Neoprene Carry Bag
    Why take the risk of getting your SCUBA7 or FREEDOM7 damaged when you’re transporting your gear down to the beach or going on a dive trip with your mates? Get yourself this Neoprene Carry Bag and protect your gear.
  • SCUAB7


    Protection for military, scientific and sports divers.
    Powered by Shark Shield Technology, the SCUBA7 is the ultimate ocean guardian for military, scientific and high-performance sports divers. Perfect for scuba divers concerned about the trailing antenna of the FREEDOM7; the SCUBA7 offers a highly effective but more compact shark deterrent solution, ensuring complete freedom of movement. The SCUBA7 offers protection to up to 50 meters below the ocean surface. The SCUBA7 also comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.