For surfboards under 6’6″. New design and colour. Designed in partnership with Tom Carroll and Ocean & Earth. 

The Ocean Guardian FREEDOM+ Surf Mini has been designed specifically for shorter boards (all boards under 6’6”). It features a shorter antenna with smaller electrodes to produce a smaller electrical field than the regular FREEDOM+ Surf. This means you’re much less likely to feel it when using the product on a shorter board, or a board with less volume. On the flip-side, a smaller electrical field does mean that a shark can come closer (compared to the regular FREEDOM+ Surf) before sensing the electrical field and being deterred.

Click on the product images to see the difference between the size of the electrical field generated by the both products.

Powered by Shark Shield Technology, this smart piece of high-tech kit comes with one Transferable Power Module, a Charging Dock with international options, and one Tail Pad / Antenna Mini ready to install on your surfboard.

The FREEDOM+ Surf Mini also comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. 

NOTE: The same FREEDOM+ Surf Power Module can be used on both the regular Tail Pad / Antenna and the Mini version. There is no new Power Module for the Tail Pad / Antenna Mini.