Tester / Charger Carry Case
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Charger & Tester Carry Case

Excellent storage solution for your charger or tester

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The Shark Shield micro case is the perfect way to keep your charger or tester protected and in the condition you need it to be

You made the right choice and bought the Shark Shield. You’re safe and protected in the water. Then you went one step better and bought a charger so you can have a recharged battery wherever your love of the ocean has taken you. Now make sure your investments can be properly stored and protected with the Shark Shield Charger and Tester Case.

It’s made from molded hard plastic and so will ensure your investment can withstand the harshest conditions, whether it’s in the bottom of your scuba box in the trunk of your car. Look after your FREEDOM7, SCUBA7 or SURF7 so it can look after you!


This Shark Shield micro case is the perfect way to keep the charger or tester for your Shark Shield FREEDOM7, SURF7 or SCUBA7 safe and well protected

The case is made from moulded hard plastic so will protect your charger or tester under the harshest conditions

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