Shark Shield Hard Carry Case
Carry case - HardCarry case - HardCarry case - Hard

Hard Carry Case

Excellent for keeping your investment safe (available USA only)

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Why risk anything happening to your Shark Shield product when you’re not in the water?

Keep it protected in the best way possible with the purpose built Shark Shield Hard Case.

Why risk it getting damaged in your scuba box or in the boot of your car? Big enough to store your primary kit, a charger, a spare battery and room for your cell phone – doesn’t it make sense to protect these important items? Plus, it makes an excellent gift for someone who already has a Shark Shield product of there own!



This purpose built Shark Shield hard case is the perfect way to keep your Shark Shield FREEDOM7, SURF7 or SCUBA7 in the condition you need it when you’re out there in potentially dangerous waters!

Made from moulded hard plastic and embossed with the stylish Shark Shield logo

This case is made to prevent any unnecessary damages to your new investment

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