Charger - International
Charger - International

Shark Shield Charger

Replacement or spare charger

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Why risk danger or reduced ocean time by not having a back-up charger?

Now you have the power to safely enjoy your favourite pastime with the International Shark Shield Charger. This is the perfect accessory for your FREEDOM7, SCUBA7 or SURF7. Every Shark Shield comes with a charger … but don’t leave home without your back up!

All predatory sharks have highly sensitive electrical receptors called “Ampullae of Lorenzini” in their snouts. These tiny gel filled sacs are used to detect electrical current from prey at close distances, usually within a one-meter radius. This sensory system can be exploited to our advantage without harming the shark.

The Shark Shield can be attached to surfboards, SUP boards, strapped to your ankle or connected to your surf-ski or kayak with a fully rechargeable battery that will last up to 7 hours. You can take it with you wherever you go traveling as it comes with adaptors for Australia, USA, Europe and Asia. To ensure maximum life of your battery, always rinse in fresh water and allow to dry prior to storage. Note that every Shark Shield unit comes with a charger.

Note that every Shark Shield comes with a charger included.


This international Shark Shield charger unit is perfect accessory for your FREEDOM7, SURF7 and SCUBA7

Our charger comes with adaptors for the Australia, USA, Europe and Asia so there is no need to worry were you are

Don't be caught with your Shark Shield not fully charged on your board when your charger is at home, have a spare charger with you at all times

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