Project Description


Brandon Verdura

Brandon is a spearfisherman, photographer, and Coast Guard helicopter rescue swimmer living out his dream in St. Petersburg, Florida. He developed a passion for the water at a young age, learning how to dive and spearfish from his father in South Florida. His career takes him to many water-based locations where he is able  to refine and practice his loves of photography and diving; his work can be seen in advertisements, magazines, and social media.

In 2015, Brandon was spearfishing in a remote part of the Bahamas when a reef shark attacked him. Fortunately, he returned home with only a few stitches in his hand. Since that experience, he has taken more steps to be safer in the water, including adding Shark Shield to his arsenal.

Whether I’m in front of or behind the camera, I feel much more confident in the water with my Shark Shield.