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Project Description


Luke Tipple

Luke Tipple is a marine biologist, shark conservationist, television personality and award winning Producer. As a marine biologist and adventure guide he’s come face to face with some of the worlds most dangerous predators, and survived. He’s one of the pioneers of out of cage experiences with Great White Sharks and his international conservation and policy work has been recognised for outstanding contribution by the Humane Society of the United States.

Luke has hosted television series for the CW (Capture), AT&T’s U-verse “BUZZ” and is regularly featured on Discovery Channels ‘Shark Week’, Nat Geo and History Channel among others.  Luke also worked closely with Diana Nyad on her historic Cuba-to-Florida swim, acting as her lead shark diver.  Luke was instrumental in including Shark Shield FREEDOM7 devices in Diana’s arsenal of safety equipment.

I’ve witnessed Shark Shield’s effectiveness in deterring an investigation from these animals and I consider it part of my everyday safety strategy.