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Project Description


Matt Mattison

Matt Mattison is an avid free diver and underwater hunter from Northern California. He started diving at the young age of 6 with his father and has been diving for over 33 years in the cold, murky and sharky waters of Northern California.

As an avid trophy abalone and spearfishing free diver, he also loves to free dive for scallops, lobster and anything else that is tasty and calls the ocean home.

He believes in eating what he catches, respecting what he catches as well as respecting the ocean and what it provides. On any given weekend if the ocean is nice you will find Matt in the ocean.

He is very active in protecting and fighting for diver’s rights to fish and dive and also created an online forum for divers called Norcal Underwater Hunters. Matt enjoys teaching abalone and spearfishing classes and getting new people into the sport.

I use the Shark Shield FREEDOM7 all the time and love it. I never notice it when wearing and diving.