Malan & Trizanne, Surfers, Kommetjie, South Africa

Just some feedback from our weekend at Stilbaai.

We both surfed together on the Saturday late afternoon at Morris Point, conditions were actually ominous- or felt ominous…some surfers came out because they felt uneasy being alone in the water.

We paddled out and only turned our devices on once we got through the break – we were definitely aware of the Shark Shields- either through a consistent pulse or a light shock with take offs…this was at first something to get use to and also sometimes on the take offs a little disturbing – but peace of mind that the shield did in fact emit a strong current.

With shallow duck diving – not a problem, but if a wave came onto your head and deeper duck diving- so grabbing your board much tighter, one was definitely more aware of the shield IE.. feeling the current…

But overall, such peace of mind and one could actually relax in the water.

The rest of the weekend was dismal for surf – but we surfed Tues midday at Jongens Reef – just the 2 of us – so definitely under normal circumstances – one would feel very uneasy in the water… the same effect from the shield, slight pulse and sometimes interference on the take-off, but one definitely gets use to it quickly…

We probably surfed about 2 hours the first day and had 6 green flashes left in the battery pack…so it lasts long.

All in all – a GREAT peace of mind and the interference is minor…so will absolutely recommend the device to anyone that surfs in water that has a higher shark risk.

Thanks again guys! We’re really super stoked with the Shark Shield.

Federico Jaime, Surfer, Shark Attack Survivor, Maui Hawaii

As a surfer you often have sharks in your mind, especially when entering certain spots. After surviving a shark attack, Shark Shield has given me the confidence to be in the water and I don’t have to worry thinking about sharks anymore. I even surf spots that I would not surf before for this reason. This is the only device that really works. Read about Fede’s amazing survival story on Hawaii News here.

Dan Webber, Surfer, Ballina Australia

After 8 surfs with a Shark Shield, I am beginning to think it is worthwhile, despite the occasional electric shock. It is possible to turn it down, but that would also reduce the size of the electric field protecting you. The weight of the battery is noticeable, but you get used to it. The best thing about using a Shark Shield, especially at a place renowned for shark attacks, is the feeling of being a lot safer than if you were not using one. You just feel more at ease knowing that an eventual attack would probably be averted or at least reduced in severity. Other advantages include surfing in conditions that you might not otherwise consider safe or else not worth the risk. And then there is the peace of mind you give to loved ones, who might be concerned for your safety, and a significant reduction in any guilt you might feel for risking your life just to go surfing. Seriously, what is the world coming to when you have to surf in an electric field just to feel safe?

Steve Carrigg, Surfer, Lennox Head, Australia

I am very happy to now be enjoying my surfing again. I grew up surfing the south west of WA (Great White central!) and never really thought much about the risk, but since having kids and with the issues we’ve had up here on the north coast of NSW, my primary source of relaxation quickly turned into a source of anxiety.

Just last Friday, Sharpes Beach near home was evacuated by the DPI helicopter as a 4m white was very close to the beach. I felt very comfortable paddling out at the same spot the next morning with my new Freedom + Surf turned on.

Whilst researching the Shield and wondering whether I should get one, I called my cousin in Augusta, WA (a professional abalone diver). I asked him what he thought of the Shark Shield. His reply “I won’t go to work without one”. That was good enough for me. I bought two! One for the wife and one for me. Now when we take our young kids out, we will sit either side of them as close as we can!


Spencer Flake, USA, Surfer

Just came back from a surf trip and the new unit is awesome. Such a huge improvement over the old one!

Tony French-Kennedy, Surfer, South Australia

After using the original surf unit for the last ten years or so, the lack of an electrode cable when recovering a board in the impact zone was a revelation. No shocks, no tangles. The joy factor definitely lifted.

On one session I found that the power module was intermittent, and then stopped working. I put that down to a poor connection, so thereafter washed the terminals with fresh water whenever removing for charging, and was careful to ensure the power module was pushed home with screws just tight enough. I’ve had 8-10 sessions since with no problems.


Adam Farrow, Abalone Diver & Spearfisher

Lodi, California

I own a Shark Shield & it has prevented at least one attack on me by a great white shark.

I dive for abalone and spear fish for halibut in an area that is infested with great white sharks. The Marine surveyors have most of them tagged and say there are 3 to 5 in the immediate area where I dive at any given time. While diving for abalone I had a great white shark come straight in on me, he was 7 feet away from me when he made a hard left turn when he entered the protected area. I kept diving while this was happening. The people in the boat saw the shark and kept me informed on his progress…

It works, trust me.

Captain Scott Childress, Commercial Spearfisher & from Weather Channel series “Catching Hell”

Gulf of Mexico, United States

I am a full time commercial spear fisherman and I am always looking for a way to increase productivity. Over the last few years, we have had more and more issues with sharks on the west coast of Florida. They slow us down and even become dangerous. Due to this, I became interested in the Shark Shield and was given the chance to test one. I have been diving with the Shark Shield about 7 months in an attempt to personally determine its effectiveness. I can say, without a doubt, “THE SHARK SHIELD WORKS!” I don’t know if it is 100% effective, because almost nothing in life is guaranteed, but I can tell you that I have had fewer encounters with sharks than others on my crew who were not using the Shark Shield. Several of my crew have even borrowed my shield when I was not in the water and had the same results as myself. The sharks I have seen have been inquisitive to aggressive and have all done 180 degree turns when entering the field that the Shark Shield produces. I have purposely shot multiple fish, after having sharks show up, in an attempt to get them fired up. They have definitely gone into feeding mode but would still not come into the field. I have had to deal with Duskys, Sanbars, Bulls and one Mako, which was the biggest shark I have seen in my diving career. I was super happy to have the Shark Shield on when that Mako showed up! My confidence in the Shark Shield’s effectiveness has increased my production and allowed me to continue to harvest fish after sharks show up. I trust that the SharkShield is keeping me from being “blind sided”.

Scott Childress2Scott Childress

Justin Baker, Spearfisher

Fort Pierce, Florida, United States

Used my Shark Shield a few days ago for the first time honestly not by virtue at first but circumstance… I shot a nice mutton snapper at 60 feet with only about 25 feet visibility and right before I hit the surface a bull shark showed up and decided my fish looked like a good snack… Despite my best efforts I lost the fish and now had shark on the brain. I went back to the boat and put the Shark Shield on. Immediately I felt more comfortable diving in the murk and didn’t lose another fish while still seeing a few more sharks. And just to answer a few questions before they are asked, yes I got shocked/no it wasn’t that bad and it was definitely far less of a pain in the butt to dive with than I expected!

Stoked on this device! 

Justine Baker2Justin Baker

Photo credit James Ferrara

Craig Rickey, Spearfisher

Florida, United States

I was spearfishing with a group of 5 and 2 in our party had Shark Shield’s. Both with the Shark Shield left the water to take a break. In the mean time we had speared 2 large hog fish, one of which was immediately retrieved & the other going into a hole. While attempting to retrieve the Second Hog fish, we speared a grouper. All of the commotion began to draw sharks to the area. There were 3 reef sharks that kept coming in close to the divers. When one of the 2 other divers went back to the boat to drop off his fish he took a moment to put on the shark shield. Within seconds of arriving back at the spot we were diving the Sharks left. We worked and got the remaining Hog fish as well as another Grouper, the water was full of blood from 4 different fish, but no sharks came close. I was the last to get back in the boat, and within 2 minutes of the Shark shield leaving the water The sharks returned. In times past, with that much blood in the water, and active sharks, we would have abandoned the area. The Shark Shield works and extended our time in the water.