Gary Maclachlan – Kayaker (NSW, Australia)

I have been using the Freedom 4 Shark Shield successfully for the last 3 months. I fish for pelagic game fish off the NSW coast, very often on my own. The Freedom 4 has granted me peace of mind when far out at sea on a solo fishing trip. I mount the device through the draining holes that are in the middle of the ski.

The wetsuit part goes under straps on the base of the ski and the cable hangs down through the holes. This results in the device offering protection directly below where you sit on the ski. I have witnessed the device deterring large hammerhead and tiger sharks. What happens is whilst fighting a fish like a king fish they generally circle a bit under the ski, this is when I normally loose the fish to sharks. However I have witnessed the sharks trying to get near to the fish but being deflected by the device as they get to close to it.

Jon Schwartz – Kayaker (California, USA)

My name is Jon Schwartz. I was out in Honokohau Harbor in Kona kayak fishing with my wife today. While tying on a bait, I heard a splash, and we paddled toward it. Then a 12 foot tiger shark came up to check us out, it took a look at us and then started steaming for us.

I just got it (Freedom 4) the other day and so I didn”t think the charge would last the whole time we were out, so I had it at the ready, not expecting it would come to this. I had the antennae loosely coiled up in the back, and as it came at us I plopped the antennae in the water, and reached for the switch. My wife and I were hoping to God it would work. We didn”t know if it would. How would we know, I just read the manual two nights before in the hotel room. Well I turned it on, and thank God, it acted as if I annoyed it terribly, and turned tail with a splash and ran off.

I really actually owe my life to this thing; moreover it saved the life of my kid”s mom. This may sound like it”s too perfect to be true but it”s true, I only wish I had it on video. It”s the best $600 I ever spent!

Lieutenant Robert C Pigman (Orlando, USA)

Lieutenant Robert C Pigman (Deputy SWAT Team Commander, Orlando Police Department City of Orlando, USA)

I bought the Freedom 4 system and used it for the first time this past Sunday. I found that the peace of mind alone was well worth the cost.

I purchased the unit from Rosalind (SeaChange USA) who was very helpful in my decision to purchase this product, as she answered all the questions I had about the system.

I feel people should be aware of the information about this product with the increasing number of shark bites we have experienced recently in Florida.

John Walker, Diver, South Australia

Like hundreds of fellow South Aussies, curiosity to see sharks feasting on a whale carcass in Backstair”s Passage was too great to be ignored. Being a recreational diver I decided to use the opportunity to put my Shark POD to the test in real conditions.

The Shark POD and footplate were fixed about 90cm apart to a buoy and submersed in the water with the POD just below the surface. The switch for the unit was accessible from the boat. It took several hours for a shark to come close enough, but finally one swam under the boat a couple of times. The shark returned swimming across the back of the boat. As it reached the port side of the boat it rolled on to its side readying for an attack to the motor. As the shark drew level with the prop I activated the Shark POD, which was submersed on the starboard side about 2 metres away from the outboard leg. The shark immediately shuddered and froze. After several seconds it veered sharply away from the boat and disappeared.

The cost of the Shark POD was certainly vindicated. Simply the Shark POD is as much a part of our dive equipment as the air tank.

“The Shark Shield saved my life as well as everyone around me in the water.”

My name is Elyse Frankcom and I work as a professional snorkelling guide on an Eco-tour for swimming with wild dolphins.

Safety is a big issue of course as we take many passengers into the ocean! We use your Shark Shields in regard to deter sharks while working!

I did not have my unit turned on while free diving with dolphins and was recently attacked by a 3 metre Great White Shark! My first reaction was to punch and then try pushing the shark away while a very brave passenger pulled the tail! I remembered my Shark Shield wasn’t on so I immediately turned it on and the shark dropped me and swam away as quick as it came!

I believe that if I didn’t turn the Shark Shield on, I would not be alive today! The Shark Shield saved my life as well as everyone around me in the water. Never again will I enter the water without my unit turned on!

Gary Doubleday – Diver (Aderlaide, South Australia)

My name is Gary Doubleday and I have one of the Shark Shield DIVE01 units and I am very pleased with it. I have read articles from professional divers about the Shark Shield and how they praise it – I must say, I do too, even though I have not had any encounters with sharks.

I find donning the Shark Shield before a dive is easy and it is comfortable to wear. You don”t really know you are wearing the unit while diving.

Wearing the Shark Shield has given me a better peace of mind. Now I go to some dive sites that I have not dived for a long time – sites that have a reputation for being sighted there, and I mean big sharks (White Pointers). Now I dive these sites and feel better within myself knowing I am protected by the Shark Shield. I know its impossible to be protected in every situation, but knowing I have the Shark Shield on makes my diving that every bit more enjoyable and dive time longer.

Its funny how many divers like to be your dive buddy when you are wearing a Shark Shield and its not always the lady divers that want to be your buddy. I recommend the Shark Shield to anyone. I think I have talked a couple of divers into getting the Shark Shield and they tell me how much more they enjoy their dives now.

Thank you for your time in reading this. I hope I have helped you make your decision in buying a Shark Shield.

Glenelg Marine – South Australia

We were concerned initially that the promotion of Shark Shield may have a negative affect on our customers and we had a lot to lose considering we are the largest training facility in Southern Australia. Following two well publicised shark incidents (aren’t they all) last year which resulted in a dramatic business downturn, we were forced for the survival of our business to reassess the whole shark phobia problem.

We instituted a promotion on radio, TV, and the press stating, “although sharks aren’t a real problem, for your peace of mind we use the latest technology – Shark Shield on all of your training dives, there is no reason now not to learn.”

For a three month period post shark attack, the only thing that saved our but was Shark Shield. We now know that promoting Shark Shield will have no negative affect on customer retention, in fact the opposite is the case. Customers in general will not raise the shark issue however our store now visibly displays the product which provides the opportunity for discussion and I find it amazing how many customers have been hiding their fear.

Finally we have an answer to what I believe the single biggest factor that greatly reduces entry level participation. Shark Shield certainly does:

  • Increase participation.
  • Ensures participation continues.
  • Increases bottom line profits.

Tory Goodall – Coastal Water Dive

“Most of my customers would never admit to having shark phobia, until I admitted that I do!

One of our biggest markets here is spearfishing which puts them in the higher risk category because of the nature of attracting sharks. These guys tend to have a “macho” personality and the purchasing of a Shark Shield tends to attack their masculinity. We very successfully overcame this issue by promoting it to “save their catch”, this justified their purchase and kept their testosterone level high,- everbody suffers from shark phobia, even these guys.

I believe I was one of the first shops that could see the potential of Shark Shield and got behind it. We rely on exhibitions and marine shows to promote awareness to our somewhat isolated regional location. The first time we promoted Shark Shield at such an event we sold over 50 units which paid for staff and outgoings from this single product. We learnt that the general public want this technology.

I constantly hear remarks such as ‘that will make me feel a whole lot better,’ and ‘now with one of those I will learn to dive.’

This year we anticipate selling 300 plus snorkel and dive units and the potential surfing market is approx. 4 times larger.

The bottom line profit from Shark Shield last year paid wages for 2 full time staff members – not bad for a one off product.

I have now justifiably devoted a whole section of my shop to promoting Shark Shield and even have a sandwich board on the pavement –THE NEW REVOLUTIONARY SHARK SHIELD AVAILABLE HERE.

A great percentage of my sales are to parents, grandparents and family wanting to protect their offspring. I am convinced that many people using Shark Shield today would not have continued in their activity if it were not for Shark Shield.

You guys are on a winner, thank you for what you have done for my business!


Steve Robinson – Scuba Commercial & Wholesale

“This industry has never had an answer to the biggest single factor that prevents students from learning to dive other than the denial that a problem exists and chances of shark attack are extremely minimal. What our industry fails to realize is that whether justified or not, shark phobia exists in the majority of people and their perception is a reality that cannot simply be explained away.

The bulk of our market is orientated to the existing trained diver. Following some recent shark incidents in our area, our sales of Shark Shield surpassed 150 units last year and I am convinced that many of our customers would have terminated their sport or their loved ones intervened to prohibit their participation if it were not for the “peace of mind “ that Shark Shield delivers. Following the recent shark attack, the only product we could sell was Shark Shield.

The shop owners that believe this product will accentuate a negative issue are not catering for the customers needs. Unfortunately for me those shops that held this historical attitude have now realized that their customers have been spending a good dollar in my shop so now marketing Shark Shield.

I remember when buoyancy vests were shunned by dive shops as was the Automatic Deployment Device for parachutes. Shark Shield is going through the acceptance stage and I can see the future when all divers will consider this piece of equipment as an integral part of their gear. I know when I sell a Shark Shield that the customer will stay diving forever.”

David Buckland – Professional Abalone Diver

I have had two encounters with sharks in the past two years. One was a Great White of approximately 4m, diving in clear water at 20m. She came in slowly, totally aware of my presence. The first thing I wanted to do is get the hell out of there, but sensibility prevailed; a quick check to see if my electronic shark repellent was on and functioning – and it was. I just kept still, looking at the shark, wondering if this is what it was like for some of my mates that that had been taken by Great Whites. It came closer – suddenly, as if hitting some invisible barrier, at about 8 metres it turned suddenly, shook and disappeared.

I had a similar situation with a 3m Bronze Whaler, where it hit the field and quickly took off.

Every professional and recreational diver working in my area lives with the fear of shark attack – my own brother Paul was taken by a Great White.

I will never enter the water without my Shark Shield, as I am convinced this will lessen the risk.