On the 6th of May 2018 at around 10 am, my friend and I had been surfing at a fickle location on the South Coast of WA. The waves were really good, and we had been in the water for about 45 minutes when my friend noticed a very large shape about five meters behind me in deeper water.  We were about 200 metres out to sea; his face went pale when he told me to look behind me. I turned to check out the shape and said I think it’s a large bate ball of salmon, until I saw it start to move. That classic slow side to side swimming action of the giant shape started to circle towards us until I could clearly see it was a 4 to 5 metre white pointer.  Our water is clear and clean where we live so visibility was good.

I knew my Shark Shield was working when I first paddled out, my friend didn’t have one, so he paddles up next to me. We started to paddle onto the sand bar into the impact zone to try and catch a wave in. I kept myself between my friend and the shark and didn’t take my eyes off it.

The huge shark’s behaviour wasn’t aggressive but seemed more curious.  It would try to steadily approach me from my left side in deeper water but as soon as it got to within 2 to 3 metres, it would clearly spasm and twitch and quickly swim away to about 4 or 5 metres.  The shark repeated this behaviour another four times at the same distance as we paddled.

A wave finally arrived, and we made it to shore safely, reported the incident to WA Fisheries and Police. We saw the shark one more time from the car park way out the back as it swam through the a wave.

I have had a few close encounters with great whites surfing on the south coast which motivated me to invest in the technology for peace of mind. I work as an environmental scientist and have some understanding of the marine environment, Great White ecology and full confidence in the efficacy of the Shark Shield product.